The iamtimpossible way of setting goals

In the past 6 years I have read many books, listened to podcasts on how to be productive, set goals and reach them. With this combination of acquired knowledge, I have created my own formula. I want you to take from this, what works for you. Add your own spice to it, there is no one way, most important is to act instead of only knowing.

“What is your dream goal?”

I want you to feel what your passionate about, what would you choose for if everything is possible. I believe it is, I am a dreamer. I also believe the same for you, it doesn’t have to be a big goal, were still on planet earth so it could also be just baking 3 apple pie’s a year as a surprise to others, you know where to find me. Small gestures are great, and goals don’t always have to be about yourself. But feel, what do you want?


What is your actual goal, what do you really want? If you say you want to lose weight, 5kg in 3 months. What do you really want? The confidence that you think will come with weighing 5kg less, or being more muscly? Find out what is the real drive behind your goal. Emotion drives action, so it’s important to connect a deeper meaning to your goal. For example, if you have kids: You want to be physically available for your kids throughout your life as much as possible, so you workout.

“What is the process required to reach this result?”

What version of you are you now? And are the behaviors you are practicing daily, helping you towards your goal? Or are you walking in the wrong direction? Look in the mirror, be honest about what you do, no need to judge just observe. Track your daily habits, what could you adjust to being more productive towards what you want? What habits do you want to implement to help reach your goal? Know that change will come with a lot of resistance in the beginning, but if you push through before you know it your new habit is the beginning.

“Who can help you, and how?”

Map out who can help you, maybe it’s enough to know a friend is on call to remind you of your goal when you are struggling. To bring you back to your motivation with some supportive words. Or if you feel that you would appreciate it if someone can check in with you weekly, people are happy to help. But, they need to know how to tell them.

“What are situations that you know you will have difficulty and how can you prepare for these in advance?”

If your goal is to lose weight, but you know that every Wednesday is super busy and your always rushing to the supermarket hungry and buy a lot of stuff that doesn’t help you reach that goal. You can prepare for this situation, cause at the moment you will be on autopilot, hangry modus. Of, that’s dangerous. So you can prevent this, by preparing food for that Wednesday or limit your choices in the supermarket to fruit or another healthy snack. It is not about making perfect decisions, it’s about making better decisions. Small steps, baby.

“What will remind you every day?”

Write a note to yourself, with a few encouraging words. Reminding you why you do this, reminding you of the version of yourself you are becoming. How powerful it is to choose for something, to act.

Visualize yourself, every night, every morning. Feel and see that future version of yourself. Believe it to be possible, celebrate you reaching your goal before you even did it.

“What is your reward?”

Celebrate every step on the way, put 1 euro in savings each time you made a better choice or if you had a day where your behaviour was in line with your goal. Give yourself a compliment while your hangry and rushed, but choosing to buy an apple instead of drop duo 😍

Be nice to yourself 🙏

“Be flexible”

If you have to be so strict, change your goal. Remember that you don’t have to change everything overnight. It’s all in small steps, start with 1 day or 1 moment. Whatever you do, the secret to reaching your goal is: small steps, and acting. No more waiting before the perfect moment or the best way, no just do it. And don’t expect that it will always feel good and it will all happen without resistance.

Nothing worthy comes easy, I believe in you💪

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