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As trainers and as members of the CrossFit community we sometimes feel the need to express ourselves, not trough excersise or training, but with words. It is then that we write our blogs. We hope you enjou reading them as much as we have enjoyed writing them.


Javier Wanga: The Art of Programming

A blog by Javier Wanga, Head Coach at CrossFit Hofplein, for Wodstylez Blueprint  True Story Depending on the programming software a box uses, usually around 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening the tension and stress rises immensely. It’s the moment the program is released to all athletes for next day’s workout. That feeling of being excited, or the complete opposite, being disgusted, is irreplaceable and the nice thing is you can talk to all your CrossFit friends about it. I think we can all relate; if possible we talk

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Melissa: “Being fit is a privilege”

Using CrossFit to prepare for a Spartan Ultra raceTime to explain a little bit about the ‘crazy stuff’. Hi! My name is Melissa. As some of you might knowI run Obstacle Course Races (OCR) as my main sport. Simply explained: it’s a course of an X amount ofkilometers, with a lot of different kind of obstacles. The more, the merrier I will be. This can be ropeclimbs, tall walls, technical grip based obstacles, sandbag carries or for example combined with abarbed wire crawl. I have seen all these obstacles implemented

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The iamtimpossible way of setting goals

In the past 6 years I have read many books, listened to podcasts on how to be productive, set goals and reach them. With this combination of acquired knowledge, I have created my own formula. I want you to take from this, what works for you. Add your own spice to it, there is no one way, most important is to act instead of only knowing. “What is your dream goal?” I want you to feel what your passionate about, what would you choose for if everything is possible. I

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The Fear of Failure

The eternal competition with yourself! We crossfitters are actually a very special species. We are extremely competitive, turn our box into a second living room and bombard our CrossFit buddies into best friends, soul mates even. Yet we often don’t like team sports. I also belong to that category. The sports that I do besides CrossFit are all individual sports; running, cycling, yoga. I have never really understood the fun of a team sport. This is partly due to the obligation of fixed moments; training every Monday and compulsory competitions

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What makes a good coach?

We have now been on the road for three weeks, trainer Sander and me. On the way to RX level and the Throwdown. The fact that I now have a personal trainer produces two kinds of reactions. On the one hand, the people who sigh how nice it must be to have someone who makes you do things that are not or feel really nice, but are good for you. They mainly see the trainer as a talking stick. Others, mostly fellow CFs, wonder out loud why I have a

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Never bite the hand that feeds you

Nutrition. The theory is actually as simple as it is logical: anyone who wants to make muscles stronger must ensure that they have enough fuel and can recover properly. If you don’t throw in enough, not enough will come out. And the quality determines speed and strength. Just like a car. But barely two weeks on the road I can actually no longer see grilled eggplant, kidney bean chickpea, mackerel or avocado. The training schedule is very doable, the mandatory rest days are also quite manageable, but getting rid of

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From start

A bit uncomfortable we sit opposite each other; the personal trainer in training and his pupil, who is certainly not a beginner in the field of sports and who is difficult to hand over things. ‘He could have chosen an easier study object’ crosses my mind. But he didn’t, and I’m glad he did. Because how often do you get the chance to go into training with an expert for three months, without it costing you more than an investment in time and commitment? I am especially curious about what

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