Counting calories and tracking macro's or thinking about what to eat is no longer necessary!
We tell you what you should consume daily and how much you can eat
Everything tailored to your preferences and goals
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a foodplan tailored for you
all in one app!

In a face-to-face intake, we will set your goals, calories, macros and preferences.

We talk about preparation time, allergies, number of meal times and what you like to eat and specially what you don’t like!

All recipes in the App are personally set to your calories and macros. 

After that the intake you can get started with the app independently and you can adjust where you find it necessary.



More than 1500 recipes

We are here to make it easy for you!
Do you want something different? Then you can replace a meal with dozens of others that suit your needs with one push on the button. Do you not like a recipe or a certain ingredient? Then you can filter it out so that it doesn’t come back.
  1. 1. Recipes are clear
  3. 2. Clear ingredient list
  5. 3. Includes macro and 
  7. 4. micronutrients
  9. 5. Add your own meals
  11. 6. Add meals out
  13. 7. Choose the number of portions and eat with others
Vytal foodcoaching

Tailored for you

Allergies and intolerances
Do you have allergies and intolerances? Then we filter these out for you. View all allergies and intolerances.
Diet preferences
Do you like to eat Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, keto or halal? We’ll make sure it’s tailored to your dietary preferences. View all diet preferences. In the app you can filter out specific recipes or ingredients yourself.
Preferences for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Do you want an easy breakfast? Then we provide recipes that will take you a maximum of 10 minutes. Do you prefer bread, omelette or perhaps low-carb? We ensure that each meal time is tailored to what you want.

Our options to choose from

All packages come with an intake. The Intake will cost you €35,- as a one time fee to setup your account and make your tailor made plan


Nutrition coaching

  • The perfect choice if you are already further with nutrition and can continue independently
  • Intake with your personal coach
  • Personalized foodplan
  • Access to 1500+ recipes

Nutrition coaching

  • The best choice if you want some extra motivation to reach your goals and get in the best shape of your life. Our coaches are dedicated to help you further.
  • Intake with your personal coach
  • Personalized foodplan
  • Access to 1500+ recipes
  • Monthly Check-in with your Coach
  • Chat option with your coach

questions? get in contact with us

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Nutrition coaching

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Nutrition coaching

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