Javier Wanga: The Art of Programming

A blog by Javier Wanga, Head Coach at CrossFit Hofplein, for Wodstylez Blueprint 

True Story

Depending on the programming software a box uses, usually around 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening the tension and stress rises immensely. It’s the moment the program is released to all athletes for next day’s workout. That feeling of being excited, or the complete opposite, being disgusted, is irreplaceable and the nice thing is you can talk to all your CrossFit friends about it. I think we can all relate; if possible we talk about CrossFit all day long and it always comes down to one thing: what’s the WOD?

It goes without saying that, in the end, the success of a box lies in the quality of the programming and how well the programming is delivered to all athletes during class. And although the latter is the main task of the coach on duty, it is still the programming that gives structure to a class setting.

The CrossFit Formula

A personalised training program is an effective way to gain strength and conditioning as an individual athlete. However, taking that same personalised program, tweak it a little, and use it for a larger population like a CrossFit box is simply impossible due to the nature of a gym business and the many different types of athletes. Typically, a CrossFit Box reflects society; people of all ages, shapes and sizes, fitness levels and life experience. It is for this reason the ‘CrossFit formula’ is so successful as it preaches fitness in a very particular, yet specific way: constantly varied under high intensity. And that’s where Wodstylez Blueprint comes in as programming partner of CrossFit Hofplein.

Process Engineering

The art of programming is where creativity meets structure. Two elements that are crucial to combine in such a way it basically looks like process engineering resulting in a blueprint that structures our fitness workouts.

Wodstylez Blueprint makes use of a well-structured training plan ensuring all of the fitness modalities (weightlifting, gymnastics and monostructural conditioning) to be part of our weekly schedule. Yet, the foremost thing is that our athletes are not necessarily aware of the structure the workouts are handed to them. And should they be? Not really, to be honest. For the most part, the objective of the box is to make that one hour of training the best hour of the athlete’s day. It is what they come in for. To blow off some steam, enjoy a nice chat, see their gym buddies and share some sweat and tears.

So while the Blueprint gives structure to the programming, the creative minds behind it are secretly building stronger, faster and more agile athletes. Implementing Fitness Cycles through different modules hits different compared to traditional Strength Cycles. The whole purpose being that it needs to be fun and non-exhaustive next to being effective at the same time.

Summarised: athletes come in to have fun (and die a little), we’ll take care of their fitness growth through a meaningful training program. Powered by Wodstylez Blueprint.

Get started already!

Enjoyed reading this piece and not a member yet? It’s time to experience yourself what you’re capable of. Don’t let Google fool you. CrossFit is truly for everyone, even if the program of the day suggests you need to be He-Man with the Power Of The Universe. It’s a trap 😉 You can and you should be yourself and let the coach, with the philosophy of our sport, guide you.

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