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A bit uncomfortable we sit opposite each other; the personal trainer in training and his pupil, who is certainly not a beginner in the field of sports and who is difficult to hand over things. ‘He could have chosen an easier study object’ crosses my mind. But he didn’t, and I’m glad he did.

Because how often do you get the chance to go into training with an expert for three months, without it costing you more than an investment in time and commitment? I am especially curious about what improvements are possible in such a period.

Sure, enough people who, under the guidance of a coach, change from couch potato to semi-sporty creature in three months, with accompanying aesthetic improvements. But what can you improve if you have been exercising intensively for at least 15 years, have been an instructor for a number of years, eat reasonably balanced and do your best to live a healthy life?

Well, I do have a list of areas for improvement. Especially when it comes to CrossFit. For example – to my great frustration – I cannot push up a handstand, simply because I don’t dare (don’t tell any further). My pistols are a joke because my ankle is a stiff rake and my body has little balance. I still dare to do a kipping pull up, but don’t ask me to do it strictly. There are quite a few muscles on my body, but they don’t always seem to know what to do. And I only know the muscle up from the tough stories…. In short, if I ever want to participate in the Throwndowns, I really have to go up a notch. No better time than now.

And if we do it, then right away. Because if I am very honest, I believe that three months of coordinated sports nutrition, hardly any alcohol and at least 7 hours of sleep per night will have an effect. So in addition to training with Sander for 3 days a week, I also impose those three things on myself, voluntarily. There goes my life! Ah, the end justifies the means, and everything comes to an end. So here we go, personal trainer and pupil, on our way to the Throwdowns.

Our first training session mainly uses Sander to determine a number of 1RMs (1 Rehearsal Maximum). More info .

To my surprise, I scored 38kg for the shoulder press, 85kg for the deadlift (I find that disappointing) and 65kg for the back squat (‘room for improvement’). But my day can’t go wrong when it turns out that I get a strict pull up after all. Then all those boring laps on the Lat Pulldown Machine of recent times have not been in vain.

Sander has drawn up a training plan that we go through together. Our training schedule, especially the first period, will focus on building explosive power. That means I have to reduce the frequency and intensity of my cardio and WODs, says Sander. I think that is a (too) big sacrifice, but Sander does not want to budge. He’s right. He is the trainer and I the pupil. He knows best and I will be his for the next three months …

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